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Lord, we are very sorry in all the ways we have supported corruption in Nigeria.
Forgive us and favour us.
Forgive our political leaders.
Grant them knowledge.
Grant them passion.
Grant them simplicity of life.
Remove from them inordinate desires.
Instill in them respect for human life.
Let them know that my standard of living will not debar theirs.
Let them know the shortness of their lives.
Open their eyes to see that there is hereafter.
Let them give each person his/her due.
Let them fight corruption for justice.
Let them know that 18,000 minimum wage is sandwich.
Let them discover that employing the youths will be productive in Nigeria.
Give our political leaders courage to talk about peace and security.
Open the minds of the commoners to discover knowledge.
that: they are the ones to design their society, what to be done in the society.
Lord, give the youth wisdom to take up the task of mental revolution for their present and future.
Before 2019, Lord, reject all the anti-progressives and choose for the leaders of your own heart.
We pray in the might name of God. Amen.

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