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It is a total deception to say NEXT LEVEL when there is no one yet. It is something absurd for a bricklayer to build a house on a piece of land without foundation. Where is the foundation of next level that equals to no level? Where is the first  level let alone next level. It is a truism that we are ruled in Oyo State by external INFLUENCE and more of our resources especially money are submitted for PARTISM CONTRIBUTION which are kept with Baba Isale Egbe, for the next election campaign which accumulates to our challenges. If they could afford to give #1billion to a person that is hiding around in order to escape PROBE, it means that we are already at the realm of next corruption,corrupt system in this very Oyo State. It remains a great DECEPTION to say next level. Rather, we  should say: NEXT DECEPTION. If you, people of Oyo State are blind folded, brain washed towards what we have tried 8 good years that yielded suffering and gnashing of teeth and mistakenly vote NEXT DECEPTION, you will suffer for it mightily this time around. ORO DI E TO FUN OMO OLUABI...Because, NEXT LEVEL is NEXT DECEPTION.
The people of Oyo State should define REMTAX, if not, the kingdom of NEXT DECEPTION has overtaken you.
WE, THE INDIGENS OF IBADAN AND OGBOMOSO AND ISEYIN have seen the corrupt strategy of APC in the last election that made them winner, therefore, No more DECEPTION in the coming 4year.
We can categorically tell you that APC is egbe imule.
We just pity the younge ones that are gullible enough, who could not resist this imule, you are finished.
Eyin omo ti awon obi yin ti gba owo  lati IPA imule, o pe o ki o ma we mule rara to ri Ojo ola re too nira fun o.
SEYI MAKINDE is the hope of mankind VOTE HIM.

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