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From Analogue Leaders to Computer Leaders

Who are the analogue leaders? They are your fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers... they are crude primitive, archaic leaders who are invalid and incapable to lead digital or computer people at this digital or computer age.
Nigeria had been having Analogue leaders since twenty years ago. That is why this country remained underdeveloped till now. As they are computer illiterate they are morally, culturally, socially illiterate that is why they monopolise politics. The style of the analogue leaders is to use power to bastardise things. Their aim is to embezzle money. They are incapable of sitting down and plan for the country and create employement opportunities. They have failled in all ways and the foundation they laid should be dismantled and start afresh. A good example of analogue leader is 'SEI BABA'

Digital or Computer Leaders are the young ones who are capable of leading in this computer world. They fit for the nation this time around. Computer leaders are not greedy. They aim higher for the good of the country and they are equiped totally for national development. These digital leaders know how to organise society in such that individual will benefit in the government.
The fact remains that the computer leaders can only take their positions either politically or amicably.

NEOGERIA is a word derived from two words: NEW and NIGERIA. This word coined by 'Bisi-Oluwole to pursues or characterise NEW NIGERIA. The New Nigeria should begin from the achievement of these five things:
>Adequate education
>Constant electricity
>Reliable Hospital
>Good road network
>Provision of Pipe borne water
>Understanding that political position is not professional but readiness to serve the people
>Job creation
[For Example, the best person who should know how to sweep classroom better is the one who went to NCE, or ready Education in the University. And, such a person will be have equal right with the ones in the class teaching]. This should be appliedd to all other jobs. if this method is  applied and many people are employed, not that crimes will be vanished. And the unemployed by the government will be employed by the private individual or self-established businesses.
>Agriculture...............{All agricultural Practices should be controlled by the government}. No rearing of any specie of animal unless you camp them. Fulanis' cattles wandering should be totally banished.
No gas or Petrol should be imported........Refinery should be buit.
Men can marry many wives to the extent of his capacity but a Woman should not give birth to more than two children. This is to achieve equity, equality and avoid religious crisis.

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