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In Complete Confidence and Faith

In one of the towns, a man with leprosy appeared before Jesus & said, 'if you want to, you can cure me'? Jesus replied,  'I want to, be cured'. Immediately, his leprosy left him & Jesus warned him not to tell anybody but to show himself to the priest & do the recommended sacrifice. His reputation grew & people came to hear him & have their sicknesses cured. But he would always go off to a lonely place to pray. The 1st step to problem - solving is faith in God & having the right attitude. Both of them are inseparable.

If we believe that God is capable of doing this or that & move ahead with the right attitude, then the problem is almost solved. This leper's confidence & faith placed him on the right track! Beloved children of God, Jesus has the power of healing souls & bodies. With a comprehensive faith in Him & developing the right attitude, we can obtain our needs from His infinite bounty. The leper was not in doubt of Jesus' power but with the right attitude, still desired that His will be done.
Needless running helter - skelter in search of miracles in 'solution centres', no need listening or minding many stage - managed miracles taking place all around us which are geared towards swindling the gullible. Miracles from God can always happen even in our rooms if we have complete faith & confidence, & in God in total resignation to His Will. We must walk not by sight but by faith (cf.2Cor.5:7). Let us pray: Unfailing God, we come to you full of faith & confidence in what you can do for us. We know you will do it. May your will be done. Amen! We pray for all those who are sick, disabled, troubled, childless, pregnant. May God's benevolent will be done in their lives. Amen!

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