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The suffering of the righteous and the prosperity of the wicked

The entire scroll of the prophet Habakkuk picks up the ancient theme in the Bible of the suffering of the righteous and the prosperity of the ungodly: how is it that bad people flourish while the holy ones wallow in pain and poverty? Does God support corruption by the sinful and the oppression of the virtuous by the unrighteous? In the long run, it is answered in the scroll, what becomes of the godly and the end of the unrighteous. God does not forget the holiness of the righteous and he does take note of the activities of the unjust. Each will get the corresponding rewards. Meanwhile, one thing that the Lord asks of the righteous is a firm faith and unwearied hope. This faith was the focus of the Lord in the gospel, Mt 17:14-20, as he cures the person brought to him. When we are confronted with puzzles of life and are weighed down by worries, let us not tarry but carry everything to God in prayer and faith. May the holy virgin, St Clare intercede for us.
God loves you! God you!

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