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The remedy to hunger is food

The remedy to hunger is food
Hunger remains one of the immediate needs of a person that must be taken care of. In my opinion, a government that does not address hunger and starvation on the land is a failure. Addressing hunger implies addressing its causes and pulling down structures that promote hunger: insecurity that makes it difficult for farmers to work on their farms, unpaid salaries that make it hard for workers to buy food, unemployment that promotes social vices but above all *selfishness*. Take it or leave it "stomach infrastructure" must be put in place.
God himself knows how important is food. So, where the Lord was to begin teaching on the most important doctrine of the Holy Eucharist, his body and blood, he approached it from the dimension of the satisfaction of starvation (read Jn 6:1-15).
The miracle in the passage hinges on the generosity of a poor boy who knows the value of sharing and the greatness in letting go. Our world is full of hunger because many lack the spirit of sharing.
The Lord told them to pack the left over to avoid wastefulness. This is another cause of hunger in our land. Many of us are wasteful. If you doubt it, check our waste bins.
Giving is an attribute of love, to which St Paul invites us in Eph 4:1-6. With it, the foundation of togetherness is laid.
Like the story in the gospel, the first reading, 2Kgs 4:42-44, teaches the virtue of giving. Even when it seems we do not have enough, we can still manage to let go. *It is no giving if it does not hurt.*
It is not so much about the abundance that we have but the spirit with which we give. Indeed, the size of our loving is the size of our giving. *A person who cannot give one naira from his or her one thousand naira may not give one thousand naira if he or she has one million naira.*
God loves you!

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