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The pride of the Jews

There are three important things that the Jews took to be their pride and anyone found speaking against any of them would find himself or herself in trouble: the Torah, the Promised Land and the Temple. The Temple was the place of their common meeting for worship. Unfortunately, they desecrated the Temple by themselves and became shrouded in false piety. The Lord instructed Jeremiah to make use of the opportunity of having a good number of them passing through the path that led to the Temple to let them know what would become of the Temple should they carry on with their wrongdoings. They further confirmed their obstinacy by the plan to kill Jeremiah (read Jer 26:1-9).
Such is the human attitude towards those who speak the truth! So, we must prepare for ordeals if we want to stand for the truth.
The rejection of the Lord by his compatriots further shows that many find it difficult to welcome truth, particularly when said by those we think are nobodies (see Mt 13:55-58).
On the other hand, if we form resistance to the truth, we become the losers.
God loves you! God bless you!

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