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The poor: The wealth of the Church

The poor: the wealth of the Church
What does it mean to be a pro-lifer? My answer is: "treating the human person with dignity and respect at all the phases of his or her existence, not only while in the womb."
Someone who understood and lived this perfectly after the person of the Lord Jesus was St Laurence, the deacon. Truly,
Christianity entails the imitation of the life of Christ, the life spent for the good of others. The life given up even for those who did not deserve it. The life that treats all with dignity, particularly, those that are deprived of respect because of their socio-economic status in the world.
History has it that St Laurence treated the poor with so much dignity and respect, to the extent that he considered them the wealth of the Church. He ministered not only to their souls but also to their bodies. Nothing was too much for him to give to the poor. He truly believed what is written in 2Cor9:6-10.   He knew how blessed it is to break oneself for others. With all these, St Laurence was still committed to looking after the temporal goods of the Church. He was indeed, an industrious person. He was certainly a courageous believer. He stood on the path of the truth to the point of shedding his blood. Let us not go on talking about his life. Let us learn to imitate his virtues: for happy indeed, is the person who gives to the poor.
God loves you! God bless you!

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