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No food no life

Food is important to everyone. The food that God gave Elijah was spiritual food that gave spiritual strength. We need spiritual food for spiritual journey. We have many spiritual enemies that disturbs on our journey. So we need spiritual food to give us energy to conquer devil. At Eucharistic celebration we receive Jesus. Holy Eucharisti is not somebody but Jesus himself. We Jesus as true God and true man. Sacraments are Sacrament of Faith. When eat the body and blood Jesus Christ to have Jesus beside us journeying with us to heaven. Holy Eucharisti is not just a sacrament but a sacrament. The sacrifice is done by the priest. In. The traditional worship, no one makes himself priest. No one can say he has been worshiping sango so CE years therefore, makes himself priest. The person will be first initiated into sango priest by other sango priest. The same thing in the Christian faith. The Catholic priests are not choosing themselves. But they are chosen by the eternal priest. Jesus chose his disciples. He ordained by the descent of the Holy Spirit. No one can choose the position of priesthood for himself. The lineage of priesthood come to be by the apostolic successors. Some Churches call themselves Covenant Church but there covenant is not based on the new and eternal blood. Holy Eucharist is the eternal food/ covenant.

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