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Hunger leads to many layers of crime

As we noted last week, hunger is such a terrible thing. It can make people to lose their sense and even to commit layers of crimes.
How better can we explain the speeches of the Israelites in Ex 16:2-4,12-15, so much that they preferred Egypt, the land of suffering and captivity, to their present situation, if not appeal to the danger in serious hunger?
God knows the importance of food for our bodies. Thus, last week, we read of how the Lord satisfied the hunger of the people by giving them bread to eat.
Yet, the Lord had something higher, greater and better in view: the satisfaction of their spiritual hunger. The people missed this point. They were only after the physical food. Hence, the Lord had to put them in the right direction (read Jn 6:24-35).
Like the people, sometimes, we too seek the Lord for wrong reasons. We prefer he feeds our bodies to him feeding our souls. We are more concerned about signs and wonders than an encounter with the Lord, the Bread by which we truly live.
Today, the Lord invites us to come and feed on him spiritually so that we live on without any hunger and thirst.
Once we answer this call, we become new persons in the Lord, allowing old things to pass away (read Eph 4:17,20-24).
God loves you! God bless you!

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