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Between crown and cross

Every August 6, the Church celebrates the Transfiguration of the Lord. A historical event which is meant to teach us the lesson of the nexus between the Crown and the Cross.
The three synoptic gospels place it after the first passion prediction, which introduced sadness and hopelessness to the apostles.
Jesus led them to the mountain to reveal his glory to them as God and to show them the glory that lies ahead for them. Yet, the way to that glory is the Cross. St Peter, after experiencing this glory, didn't want to return to the world of suffering, he volunteered to make three tents (read Mk 9:2-10),  but the Lord made them come down and guided them till the time of the Passion, when the same apostles on the mountain of the Transfiguration were with him in the garden of Gethsemane.
In our world where prosperity gospel destroys people by offering them false hope of a suffering free world, we are given the example of Abraham who had to submit in faith to the pain he must have had when he was asked to sacrifice his only son. His endurance of the trial moment led him to inherit greater blessings.
There is no Cross-less Christ. So, a Christianity that spurns the Cross deserves a forensic examination. A Christian that throws away the Cross loses the crown.
As we follow Jesus the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets, may God grant us the grace to stand firm in the moment of trial, knowing full well that if he is for us, nobody can be against us (read Rom 8:31-34).
God loves you! God bless you!

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