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West Ham vs Man Utd: Mourinho chooses his players

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has warned his players that he is “expecting more” from them after their poor start to the season.

With just six games gone, United are already eight points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool.
Mourinho, speaking to the media on Friday ahead of their trip to West Ham, admitted some members of his squad are simply not learning from their mistakes.

“I don’t think any player is afraid to play for the club.

“Honestly, I don’t think so.

“But I sometimes feel frustrated because the work we do and what we give to the process, I’m always expecting more. Especially I’m expecting more in terms of stability in the process.

“It looks like when we feel we’re really improving and playing better and having a good run of results, it looks like there’s always a little going down in terms of the focus or the motivation that I feel.

“That’s why, when I come to you, you never see me speaking like I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

“I expect to win tomorrow. I expect to play very well tomorrow. We work very, very well — especially Wednesday and Thursday — so I expect a very good performance and I expect to win a very difficult match.
“I don’t come here and say the training session wasn’t very good, the players not committed and I have a bad feeling. No, I have the feeling we are not going to play very well, that we are not going to win.

“That’s why after matches sometimes I have the feeling that I’m frustrated or surprised by a lack of concentration or apparent – I repeat, apparent – lack of commitment and lack of attitude.
“Maybe people think that sometimes the boys are not committed. Maybe people can think the manager doesn’t demand enough from them. Maybe people think on the training ground we don’t train enough this area or that area.

“That’s quite frustrating,” Mourinho said.

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