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On fire to win souls

1st Reading: Hos.11:1-4.8-9
Responsorial Psalm: Ps.80
 (R.v.4) Response: Let your face shine on us, Lord, & we shall be saved.

Alleluia! Alleluia!! Mk.1:15

The time has come & the kingdom of God is close at hand, repent & belief the Good News. Alleluia!

Gospel: Mt.10:7-15

Theme: On fire to win souls!

On sending the 12 apostles, Jesus instructed them to proclaim that God's kingdom was close at hand; healing the sick & raising the dead. They were to give without charge as they would be given free of charge. They were not to encumber themselves with material concerns because their needs would be taken care of by their hosts. They were to seek out a trustworthy person in any town they entered, saluting the household & offering them peace. Where they were not welcome, they were to shake off the dust on their feet & it would not go as hard with the land of Sodom as that town on the judgment day.

It is a veritable fact that the field of Christian evangelism today unlike before is filled with so many workers. But while the workers of our generation are on fire scrambling for material things, the workers of old were on fire to win souls!

Dearest friends, it is time for us to evaluate our work in the Lord's vineyard especially now that it clear that Christianity is under the threats of Islamization, Neopaganism & secularism.

While Islam is using its resources to lure Christians away through interest-free banking, free education, feeding & accommodation, Christianity is making the land more fertile for Christians' exit by making health care delivery, education etc more exorbitant. Our preachings today are centred more on gaining material things for ourselves than on winning souls.

Jesus wants to set us on fire as he did in the days of the apostles to win souls for him. Whatever approach we are taking to achieve this must not be materially driven. We must do this not for sordid money but because we are eager & yearning to do it (1Pt.5:2).

Let us pray: Lord of the vineyard, send authentic workers into your vineyard who are on fire to win souls for you. Amen!

We pray for all those who have turned the vineyard of the Lord into personal estates. May God show them the way to win souls as they change their unchristian ways. Amen!

 Still under God's watchful care!

Our endeavor is blessed!

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