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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Total Dependence on God

Tuesday July 31, 2018. 17th Week in the ordinary time of the year 2

We glorify God for seeing us through this month!

Memorial of St Ignatius of Loyola, P.

1st Reading: Jer.14:17-22

Responsorial Psalm: 79
(R.v.9) Response:
For the sake of the glory of your name, rescue us, O Lord.

Alleluia! Alleluia!! 1Pet.1:25

The word of the Lord remains forever: what is this word? It is the Good News that has been brought to you. Alleluia!

Gospel: Mt.13:36-43


With heavy eyes, Jeremiah lamented over what has befallen the land of Israel. After their Babylonian conquest, the land was totally in ruins; so many deaths with hunger & drought at their peak. It seemed that the Lord had abandoned them without a cure. There was nothing in the land but terror. The people immediately confessed their wickedness & the iniquities of their fathers. They asked him not to reject them or break the covenant or dishonour the throne of his glory. They professed their total dependence on him for showers of rain & their only hope.

Whenever the Shekinah Glory departs from a particular land, its devastating effects are felt everywhere; famine, hunger, drought, confusion, death etc. In such a situation, turning to God & professing dependence on him become the saving grace Jeremiah directed!

Fellow Christians, can what is happening presently in our nation be likened to the Israelites' case? I think so! The land is under siege & the prince of Babylon & his cohorts are on rampage.

Let us come back to our consciousness, work together, seek lasting solution, turn to God with contrite hearts for our transgressions & profess our total dependence on him. He doesn't abandon those who recourse to him.

Let us also rely on the prayers of St. Ignatius who recoursed & depended on God in all his apostolic mission , that God may liberate us from this bondage. Therefore, come let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces, but he will heal us; he has struck us down, but he will bind up our wounds. After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us & we shall live in his presence (Hos.6:1-2).

Let us pray: The Primum movens immobile, we turn to you confessing our sins & professing our total dependence on you, hear our prayers & save our land. Amen!

We pray for a complete turn back to God in contrite of heart & prayers on those who have derailed from the path of life, may they correct their mistakes & call on God for liberation. Amen!

St Ignatius of Loyola; intercede for us!

We shall not die we shall live!

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