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Tuesday, 3 July 2018


A little synoptic comparison and some details about the two persons who came to Jesus in the gospel, Mk 5:21-43, may aid a better appreciation and application of the text. Lk 8:41 notes that the girl of the centurion was his only daughter, possibly, the only child. While Mark rightly translates the Greek word "esxatos" as desperately sick, Luke has "dying" while Mathew has "just died". The man is a centurion, a man of high rank. Imagine such a person prostrating at the feet of Jesus.
The woman with hemorrhage is said to have suffered for twelve years, understood in the sense of biblical numerology. She had spent all she had but no healing. She must have been stigmatised.

Few things are common to the two stories: helplessness and hopelessness. The two saw Jesus as the solution to their situation. They both came to Jesus personally, and in faith. They got answers to their requests.
Perhaps, we might be in worse situations. Maybe the events around us are forcing us to ask: "where is God? While suffering? While death and so on? We should take a leap of faith today and take our conditions to God in prayer. Only we must do so in faith. Nothing is beyond him. He cares so much for us. Let us think about the generosity of Jesus who made himself poor to make us reach. We must not give up. We must not listen to the distraction from the faithless crowd. Let us make our way straight to Jesus. He ever carries our sorrows!
God loves you! God bless you!

*Happy new month and best wishes in the second half of the year*

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