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Sunday, 29 July 2018

He shall Meet our Needs

Sunday July 29, 2018. 17th Sunday in the Ordinary Time of the year B

1st Reading: 2Kg.4:42-44

Responsorial Psalm: Ps.145
(R.v.16) You open your hands, Lord, & you satisfy us.

2nd Reading: Eph.4:1-6

Alleluia! Alleluia!! Lk.7:16

A great prophet has risen among us, & God has visited his people. Alleluia!

Gospel: Jn.6:1-15

Theme: *He still meets our needs!*


A man came from Baal Shalisha bringing to Elisha the bread of the 1st fruits which were 20 loaves & fresh ears of corn. Elisha told his servant to give the bread to his men who were about 100 in number. Doubtful of the possibility of the mission, Elisha repeated the instruction now assuring him that according to the Lord they would eat & have left over. It happened as Elisha said it.

As Jesus went to the other side of Tiberias, many people followed him because of the signs he had worked. Going up the mountain, Jesus saw the multitude that followed him. He asked Philip how they would buy enough bread for them. It was to test him, for he knew what he would do. Philip assured him that as much as 200 denarii wouldn't be enough to scarcely feed them. Andrew called Jesus attention to a young lad who had 5 loaves & 2 fish but added that it wouldn't solve anything for there were 5,000 people. Making the people to sit down, Jesus took the goods, have thanks, blessed them & gave them to his disciples to distribute. They did & all ate to their satisfaction. He instructed them to gather up the remnants so that nothing would be wasted. They filled 12 baskets with scraps. The people proclaimed him prophet & wanted to take him by force & crown him king. But he withdrew again from them to the mountain.

People of God, we are one time or the other assailed by events or situations which we cannot readily & easily provide solutions or answers to. In some of these times, we become so helpless that we begin to doubt everything, everybody even God. The readings of today assure us that in such situations, God can still meet our needs both spiritually & materially only if we trust & obey.

In the midst of his doubt, Elisha's servant agreed to distribute the 20 loaves to 100 prophets & the disciples too agreed to share the 5 loaves among 5,000 people. We have many lessons to take home but let's restrict ourselves to a few.

Whatever condition we find ourselves, let us listen for what God has to say. He really has something to tell us for he speaks to every of our condition.

When he speaks, we must be ready to trust & obey him. Doubt works in contrary to faith. We should always walk not by sight but faith.

We should always bear in mind that grace builds on nature & never in a vacuum. It wouldn't have cost Elisha or Jesus much to perform their miracles outrightly from nothing. The provisions made by the man & boy respectively, point to human cooperation with God. We must be ready to make that provision in the material or spiritual needs of our brethren, & then watch & we see God's overflowing blessings come.

Wastefulness is a sin. May we never encourage it. No matter how rich or poor we are, there are people who can still benefit from our leftovers. It's never a sign of wealthiness to waste things but only that of insensitivity & foolishness.

Let us avoid fair - weather Christianity. Following or worshipping God only because of his provisions & not more for his Majesty & Holiness make us just inauthentic Christians & pretenders. God is unchangeable!

When we abide by these, we see ourselves living lives worthy of our various vocations as Paul begs us. May we learn to look up to God's provisions in our needs & be always ready to trust, obey & cooperate with him in his work of redemption. He will continue to do all things well in our lives (cf.Mk.7:37).

Let us pray: God our Provider, grant us our bodily & spiritual needs. Use us to meet the needs of our brothers & sisters. Amen!

We pray for complete faith & trust in God, may all Christian people continue to look up to Him who provides all their needs & to love him above all things. Amen!

Have a restful Sunday!

He is God our Provider!

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