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Monday, 23 July 2018

Instructional Media for Teaching

Instructional Media for Language Teaching
Mirjam Anugerahwati
State University of Malang

What are the kinds of media?
Some examples

What is Instructional Media?
•Instructional media encompasses all the materials and physical means an instructor might use to implement instruction and facilitate students' achievement of instructional objectives.
What are the functions of instructional media?
•attracting attention
•developing interest
•adjusting the learning climate
•promoting acceptance (of an idea)
When can we use instructional media?
•In direct learning, e.g in lectures,to stimulate interest in and develop knowledge of the material being taught.
•Engage students and facilitate active learningstrategies which promote deeper learning.
•Student-created mediainvolves a high degree of engagement; promotes individual learning, social interaction and immersion; and is highly customizable and collaborative (Yowell and Rhoten, 2009)

What are the ways to develop media?
•Select analyse decide:

How do we select/ adapt media?
•Review instructional goals, objectives, audience and instructional strategy
•Determine the best medium for your lesson components
•Search for and review existing media/materials

How do we select/ adapt media? (2)
•Adapt existing media/materials if necessary
•If new media/materials need to be developed:
–Determine format, script, visuals, etc.
–Draft materials and media
–Check for clarity and flow of ideas

How do we select/ adapt media? (3)
•Conduct formative evaluation

What should we consider?
•Reiser and Dick (1996) propose these three factors for media selection:
–practicality, student appropriateness, and instructional appropriateness
•Practicality: Is the intended media practical in that the media is available, cost efficient, time efficient, and understood by the instructor?

Considerations (contd)
•Student Appropriateness: Is the intended media appropriate for the developmental and experiential levels of the students?
•Instructional Appropriateness: Is the intended media appropriate for the planned instructional strategy? Will the media allow for the presentation of the proposed lesson in an efficient and effective manner? Will the media facilitate the students’acquisition of the specific learning objectives?

Think about your own context:
•What other considerations can you think of? Discuss with your neighbor

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