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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Review of Transport Rate in Oyo State. Nigeria (July, 2018)

The amount of fare to be paid for taxi in Oyo State (23/02/2018)
A list of an ideal fare (transport) to be paid for taxi or bike from place to place within towns in Oyo state
We begin:
Ojoo to or from Iwo-Road should be #50 Anywhere you drop before the two points should be #30 or #40 commons sense should guide you.
Iwo-Road to or from Challenge: should be #80. If you alight before the 2 points common sense  should guide you #2o #30 #40 #50 #60 #70.
Iwo-Road to or from Olodo  should be #50 (Ejioku) #100
Iwo-Road to or from Adegbayi #50, After Egbeda, Moleke #100 Ikire #200
Adegbayi ( Ife-Road) to or from #100
Gate to or from General gas #50
Gate to or from Challenge #50
Gate to of from Mokola #30
Gate to or from Bere  #30
Bere to or from Oju hospital Muslim, Olomi, Oje  #50
Gate to or from Bodija-Oja  #50
Gate to or from Iwo-Road  #40, Idi-Ape  #20
Iwo-Road to sango should be  #80
Gate to or from Mokola should be  #30
Oja-Oba to or from Dugbe  #40
Alesinloye to or from Dugbe, Ogunpa  #50
 Oojo to or from Ui  #30, Sango  #50, Mokola  #70
Ojoo to or from Oja-Oba  #70
Sango to or from Poly  #50
Sango to or from Apete  #70
Moniya to or from Ojoo #50
Moniya to or from Oja-Oba  #120
Ui-Ajibode junction to or from Ajibode
Inside Poly is alright
Inside Ui is alright
Ojoo to or from Akinyele should be reduced by #20
Mokola to or from Challenge  #60
The transport fare of all other places in Ibadan should be reduced by  #20 or  #30
The simple idea should help Ibadan dwellers to determine normalcy and commensuration in the society. It is not automatic amount that you must pay. It  is just for reconsideration of thing. Therefore, do not fight taxi drivers

It is not a na├»ve that the problems, challenges and difficulties that we are experiencing in our society will vanish in a day. Capital “No” is the answer. We will start dealing with our problems or challenges one by one. We can overcome our problems if and only if we allow eradication of corruption to start from you and me. It is in orderliness that life is made easy. It is when life is made easy that we will sing song of peace. Enough should enough in Oyo state that commoners will be bearing sting of high rate of transport fare in the town without commensuration. It is not news that we experience instability of determinations in our society. But the fact is that we can actually maintain some rational economization not maximization of our available limited resources.
With our inner resolution we can create orderliness amidst selfishness. By this let us go on mental revolution.
It will remain a fool acts and thoughts, in facts; it is an offence to repeat menace of poverty by saying that the price of anything cannot be reduced. We should not even wait for the economists before we can determine the appropriate price of commodities. At least, we should create that initiative of price determination on each good. It is dehumaned and humiliating to the most commoners that the price of commodities is far different from place to place or in the same place. The typical example of this is petrol. Within Ibadan of Oyo State some dealers sell petrol at higher price while some at control price. Imagine the same petrol that serves the same purpose sold at different price rate. Anyway, who is fooling who? If the rulers have been incapacitated by monopolists we the buyers and masses should ratify things by standing up to dehumanization and dehumanization and strong in truth
As Nigeria economy is now, we can still define/determine how thing should be without affecting the profit body in transactions
It is on this note that I will like individual to consider and initiate the ideal “TRANSACTION” FARE in Oyo State from one destination to another.

Owode to or from EMMACOE  #50
Owode to or from Ibadan Express way  #50
Owode to or from Nestle College, Ave Maria College  #70
Owode to or from Saw-Mill  #30
Owode to or from Fiditi  #80
Owode to or from Sped  #60
Owode to or from Ilora  #50
Owode to or from Durba  #20
Owode to from Mabolaje   #20 Oba-Adeyemi schl #40
Owode to or from, Olivet Asogo, Apaara  #20
Owde to Ajayi Crowther  #50
Owode to or from Awe  #70 eve on bike
Owode to or from Sabo  #60
Owode to or from Akansan  #20
Owode to or from Akinmorin  #70
Owode to or from Idi-Igba EMMACOE hostels  #70
Owode to or from new sites behind Ave Maria, Nesto #100
Owode to prison side  #100
Sabo to or from new site after Sabo  #70
The bullies has ever use whatever that will allow development, progress, orderliness to fabricate abject poverty. It is always assumed that if petrol price reduces, everythin may come to normal.
Use this consideration to judge your destinations to destinations


They have been maintaining that balancing and commensuration. They should continue like that regard and work for peace and free movement to debar  humiliaters
Road Safety to or from Lautech 100
Akata to or from Maryland Grm Schl  #50
Akata to or from Rounda 50
Akala to or from Akata  #100
Taki to or from last street towards Iresa, Iwofin Road
Transport fare from destination to destination should be reduced by #30. It is not everything will use command tone to ratify. The commoners should even take note.

All transport fare in Iseyin should be reduce by  #10

The Ibarapa can maintain the rate of transport fare in the region

Transport fare should be reduced by  #10. All is for good of individuals

Have been considering transport fare and normalizing incommensurability

It is the duty and responsibility of a great mind to think for good of people. No angel will come from above to rebuild the falling wall. It is we the dwellers of the world that will maintain it to be habitable.   It is believed that this thought will help us in a long way and to help us reach an organized society for happy living. The fare is applied to both bike and taxi In a way it is act of appealing to the government to consider our Bus-Stops especially in Ibadan because they are trap of death. And, there should be rational general price for petrol at all times in the country.

Oyo to or from Ibadan should be  #200
Oyo to or from Ogbomoso should be  #200
Ibadan to or from Ilorin should  #500
Ibadan to or from Saki should be  #1200
Ibadan to or from Iseyin should be  #500
Ibdadan to or from Okeho should be  #600
Ibadan to or from Iganna  #700
Ibadan to or from Iwere-Ile  #800
Ibadan to or from  #1,000
Ibadan to or from Ayegun  #1500
Iganna to or from Elekokan  #150
Iseyin to Baba-Ode, Komu, Igbojayi  #700
Common sense should determine Saki, Ago-Are, Sabe, Alaga, Okaka and Ipapo.
Saki to or from Ogboro  #400, Igboho  #500, Kisi  #650, Igbeti  #650
Kisi to Ogbomoso  #800
Igbeti, Kisi, Igboho to or from Ibadan  #1,300
Ogbomoso to or from Ejigbo, Iress  #200
Ogbomoso to or from Iwo #500
Ogbomoso to or from Ife  #700
Ogbomosho to or from Osogo  #900
Ibadan to or from Lagos  #800
Ibadan to Abeokuta  #600
Abeokuta to or from igboora  #400
Igboora from  or to Iseyin  #400
Igboora to or from Ibadan
Igboora to or from Maya  #200
Igboora to or from Eruwa   #300
Igboora to or from Lanlate  #200
Igboora to or from Okeho  #600

With this we are trying to draw us all to the ideal. You are not encouraged to fight any biker or taxi driver because it is not the automatic price.
Oyo ti dara. Ire O.

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