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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Ukaristi Mimo: Orisun Iye

3rd June, 2018
"Corpus Christi"

At the heart of the life of the Church is sacramentality and central to the Sacraments is the Eucharist: the real presence of Jesus under the appearances of bread and wine. Take away the Holy Eucharist from the Church, you have a hall.

The celebration of the Solemnity of "Corpus Christi" (The Body of Christ) presents a tripartite reality: that Jesus really became a human person, with a human body (see Jn 1:14), that Jesus is with us till the end of time (read Mt 28:20) and that Jesus really offered himself for us as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (see Jn 1:29,35, Mt 26:28).

The celebration has a nexus with the Priesthood of Christ made manifest in his Victimhood. While priests in every age and religion offer sacrifices for others using items from those for whom the sacrifices are offered, only Christ, the High Priest, offered himself as an oblation for our sins (read Heb 9:11-15).
The Lord instituted the Holy Eucharist within the context of the Passover to teach us that he is the true Passover Lamb. Unlike the blood of the animals smeared on the people by the priests (see 24:3-8), the Lord poured out his blood for us to grant us liberation.
This action is ever active as the Lord has empowered the Church to continue to make this reality present (read Lk 22:19).

Indeed, the Lord has given us the highest gift of his body and blood as food. He is the bread of life that anyone who eats will live for ever (see Jn 6).
How lucky are we to have the Lord ever present with us in his body and blood! Yet, how cheap do we treat the gift! There are those who care less about the importance of the Body of Christ. There are those who ask: " can you show me Jesus in this so called Eucharist?" To people like these, no explanation is sufficient. But for those who believe, no explanation is needed. The only answer is faith. Surely, no one is holy enough to receive the Body of Christ, still, if we make efforts to receive him rightly, we shall see its effect in our lives. Above all, the celebration is an expression of the love of Christ for us. This is the love we are called to imitate: a love that is willing to give oneself for the loved!
May our partaking of the Body of Christ lead us to eternal life.
God loves you! God bless you!
                THE ENDURING WORD

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