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Saturday, 2 June 2018

There is Dignity in Labour

                         1st May, 2018
It is a new month. May it bring us every good thing of life. It is another celebration of the workers' day. An occasion to reflect on the dignity of the human labour and the value of work. Thus, the Church gives us St Joseph, the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for meditation and imitation. He was such an industrious man, who through his hard labour, provided for the need of his family. Despise the advancement in science and increased mastery of  nature, the condition under which many workers work in the world, especially in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, cannot but cause one to question few things. Many have no work and the majority are under employed. Many are less committed to their work but want to well paid.
Despite the unenviable situation of work in our world, the Lord still speaks to us through the gospel, Jn 14:27-31, never to let our hearts be troubled. He is offering us the highest gift which the world cannot offer, peace. May God bless all our workers.
Happy new month!
God loves you! God bless you!

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