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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The unfailing promises of the Good News

➕To Timothy, Paul reminded him of the Good News that he carried that Jesus rose from the death a descendant of David. On his account, he had been passing through hardships & was in chain. Through it, salvation that is in Christ is attained at last. Reliably, dying with him would be living with him, persevering would be reigning with him, disowning him would be disowning us, our unfaithfulness would not change his faithfulness. He called on him to remind his brethren of this as instructed by Paul. He was  to remain firm in times of trials & never be ashamed of his ministry.

➕At many levels of disappointment, there is almost always this feeling of emptiness & rejection. Some in their frustration do many unprintable things. Paul who was passing through such but still remained firm alerted Timothy to guard against it!

➕Lovely brothers & sisters, it is only God who is capable of making promises & fulfil them. He is always reliable  & dependable. He has not called us in order to disappoint us. He can never speak with both sides of his mouth.

➕There will be for sure times when it seems our world is crumbling as a result of trials & difficulties. But if we remain steadfast, our tears will be turned into cheers, our sweat into sweet & our cross into crown. We will rise from zero to hero, from grass to grace & from pit to palace. That ugly situation of ours will be turned into good. His faithful is ever sure. We know that our redeemer still lives (Job 19:25).

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