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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Prayer of the Pagans and the Prayer of the Faithful

There are so many things to reflect upon in the pericope on the "contest" between Elijah and the fake prophets of Baal (see 1Kgs 28:20-39). However, the one that interests me most is the manner of prayer of the prophets of Baal and Elijah. We have a vivid description of the prayer of these pagans, full of noises and other actions. Then, the prophet Elijah's was brief and straight to the point. The rest is clear... The paradox in our world today is how "Christians" pray like pagans with so much noises and actions that depict poor knowledge of whom God is, so much that people go on shopping for churches where they pray "with fire" and consider the noisy pastors the most spiritual or holy. The Holy Mother Church has rightly been teaching the closeness of God to us and his identity as a loving Father who even knows our needs before we ask. Great saints in the history of the Church were never the noisy types we have today. Of course, they were prayer warriors but not empty barrels. A good example of them is St Anthony of Padua who married mental alertness with spiritual uprightness.
In the gospel, the Lord reminds us of the ever relevance of the words and works of the prophets and the significance of the Law. However, he shows that they do not contain everything needed for our salvation. They need to be perfected by love, which is the amendment the Lord has come to make in them.
God loves you! God bless you!

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