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Friday, 1 June 2018

The Greatest City of the Negroes

The valley for the escaped
The yard of the kingdoms
The warriors’ colony
The junction for piece meal

The refreshment hut of ancient dignitaries
The in-law of the ancient majesties
The citadel of characters
Oh excellent home of vagues

The pride city of Negros
What a damned paths city
Decorated with fiercy barrens
The confluence of Crude Merchant

A convergence of crude minds
The bunch of Bosses
A diluted identity
The eclipse of drought

A fire without smoke
A glorious but glorified pride
A little stroke of southwest breeze
The beloved valley of the koraa

A willed-out pride
A choked up
An eagle without wings
The famous ugliest pridepride
                        By: 'Bisi-Oluwole

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