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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Blessing of the Poor

From a human perspective, the demand of the prophet Elijah in 1Kgs 17:7-16 from the poor widow, is self centered and exploitative. Yet, from the standpoint of faith in divine provision, it is caring and other focused. In a situation like the woman's, the only tool needed is obedience of faith. She believed the prophet, obeyed him and was blessed. Sure, we have many fake prophets around us whose focus is their pockets but use the name of God and biblical examples to exploit people, still, we must learn to discern the message of God and submit to it in faith.

In the gospel, Mt 5:13-16, the Lord compares us with two important elements, light and salt, that ought to be of great values but can be useless if not properly managed. The kind of lamp the Lord refers to here becomes very destructive if placed under the bed, but could be useful if placed on its stand. Christians who should illuminate the world can become a source of destruction to those around us. We must be conscious of whom we are, lest we become an opportunity for those who will justify their evils by appealing to our wrongdoings.
God loves you! God bless you!

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