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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Sow, Nurture and Harvest bountifully

While we are not immediately informed about the country or person symbolised by the cedar mentioned in Ezk 17:22-24, it is however implied that the prophet had in mind the "humiliation" of a glorious but proud city; and the exaltation or elevation of his people Israel who the Lord promised to turn to a big tree where many birds would shelter. This pointed in the direction of the reconstruction of the Israel, almost in ruin. She would become the pride and hope of nations.

The Lord has a description of the Kingdom in a way a bit close to what we have in the first reading (see Mk 4:26-34). The Kingdom is compared with a mustard seed, very small at the moment of planting, but grows to a big shrub that provides shelter for the birds of heavens. This seed can be the seed of faith planted in us. It must be nurtured and allowed to grow everyday. Yet, the way the seed of faith, like the message of salvation grows in us, is not made possible by our efforts. God himself is the One responsible for it. Still, at the end, we stand the chance of reaping the fruit of faith. Thus, St Paul, in 2Cor 5:6-10, is full of hope that walking by faith and not by sight, we shall, one day come to the Kingdom the Lord spoke about in parables. In all, in the two parables, we can see the image of the Church, the abode of hope for the helpless, whose growth is made possible by the care of the Father. It is left for us to take cover under the ever green shade of the Church. The tree is there. But we are the birds to nest in it?
God loves you! God bless you!
      From The Enduring Word

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