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Friday, 1 June 2018

Reasoning With President Buhari: Nigeria Youths are Lazy

It is irreversible that president's statement of the thought that Nigeria youths are lazy has faced positive and negative criticism. President Buhari is the president of present Nigeria and he was one in the past. We the youths should take our time to reflect and reconsider the statement of the president and make our critical analysis. It is as good as anything good to listen to our president and extract sense from his statement. This is the mature time to reason along with our able president in a way.
Our president is a Baba who knows, loves his children. And he knows the situation and porous political system of the country and people of the country. This is because a person will not have a tree in his backyard without knowing its sweetness.

The statement of the president was not a mistake neither should one consider it to be insult on Nigeria youths. This should serve as a clue to brain wash ourselves and deliver ourselves from moths: corrupt political leaders
This statement must bake bread for us this time around when the political leaders intentionally fail to create job for the youths while some are dealing with too much works in offices.
Let us think that the president is still talking in parable to us that Nigerian youths are LAZY.

In all comments that I have read on the made statement of the president, we have not seen critical analysis. But, the comments are just ordinary howling.
The president has his intention for the choice of this statement/ word LAZY. What, if the president could have chosen the words such as: Irrational, Afraid, Unintelligent: that is, Nigeria youths are irrational, not being brave, unintelligent, uncourageous? It is as good to reason with the president that Nigeria youths are LAZY unless they should have challenged corruption, injustice bad leadership and unemployment.

Nigeria youths are lazy to come together to face the bad and corrupt leaders and strongly oppose their greediness, inability to lead right and remove them from power and place intelligent rational and braves among them there from ward level to federal level.
This is the time that we will personally credit our able president for the choice of the word LAZY, initiative and this exposure. We could feel the effort of the affable president Buhari that is frustrated by the anti-progressives. The president is making assiduous effort towards the good and betterment of this country but the bullies are not happy. Let everybody make comment but this has set standard of reasoning for Nigeria youths to navigate their ways to become young leaders in the noble country.

At this juncture, we are contended with the choice of the word LAZY by the president. Because, we are truly lazy to think of how to be good leaders.
Therefore, Nigeria Youths, it is time for you to stand up, take courage, put on the amours of honesty, trust, truth, fear of God, peace, love, love, unity and justice to fight the spirit of laziness, injustice, corruption et al. In another words, you are to stand up to use your youthful mental power, strength and hatred for corruption to strongly oppose corrupt leaders so that the whole world will know that Nigeria Youths are not truly lazy.
Your going to European countries through the deserts does not suggest you to be workaholic.
In a nut shell, let us reason with presidents. He talks in parable.
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