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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Pray for more Churches not more Doctrines

More than two thousand years ago, the Lord spoke about the emergence of false prophets who would come around pretending to be real shepherds of the flock, whereas they are wolves... (read Mt 7:15-20).Today, we witness a daily multiplication of such prophets. One worrisome thing about them is how they pretend to bring forth fruits that can be easily mistaken for good fruits, particularly by the majority of our people who believe that a pastor who works "miracles" or preaches eloquently is God sent or chosen. We need to be more cautious before we reach conclusion about those who parade themselves about as prophets and pastors.

The attitude of a pastor to the word of God is one of the things to look for in determining where he belongs. We see the priest and the king in the first reading, 2Kgs 22:8-13;23:1-3, showing and promising their commitment to the word of God and his covenant. We too can only bear the expected fruits listed in Gal 5:22 ff if only we follow God as fitting, weak and human as we are.
God loves you! God bless you!

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