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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Policemen are not Revenue Collectors

Police Force is Not a Public or Private Enterprise
There is no effect without a cause. If there is no fire there will not be smoke. It remains a plain truth that no one especially the commoners in this country can deny that they are suffering from criminalism everybody in this country use road almost everyday. Despite the fact that, we encounter armed robbery operations on our roads with the surges of the bad roads we are still strongly harassed, insulted assaulted through criminalism and interruptions: delay. It is true that insecurity is the order of the day in the country and we rely on our believed adequate security agents. But still, we are not journeying with the rest of mind and enjoy free travel we are not all happy about this serious interruptions in our journeys from security agents. We have been journeying in this country for many years ago, we can say categorically that we rarely board a commercial or private bus/car without road interruption on the journey from security agents. We have not travelled to any destination without security agents interruption or assault from them to the extent that the passenger become vex within them through criminalism and unnecessary delay. Here, CRIMINALISM: means, an act of making something/somebody criminal which/who is not criminal by infringing any law of the state. Criminalism is a state whereby criminal act is fabricated upon/from someone/something by security agents. So that, someone/something will be charged of a bill of certain amount of money.
Here, one should know that CRIMINALISM is not the same with Criminality. Criminality is the fact of people being involved in crime; criminal acts. CRIMINALISATION is just tantamount to Criminalism
In criminalism, somebody/something is treated to be criminal which/who are truly not criminal.
This is not the time that the people of this must go around with the code of Nigeria law/highway code so that the security agents will open to the page of the law s/he has infringed. It is the time to stand up and fight against CRIMINALISM. This is the time to criminalise the criminalism of the security agents. We do not say  that security agents should not be on the roads again but the should not fail in their duty and that they should avoid inappropriatism of the duty and overdoings.
It is clear from our daily experiences that the police on the roads are telling other body-officers that they do not perform their works. The typical example is when a driver is stopped on the road by police and the police discovers that the motor of the driver does not have fire extinguisher inside his motor; it is appropriate that the police send/handover the offender to FRSC for the body to lecture him/her on what is proper. But instead, the polihice criminalise him/her for that failure by collecting 100 Penny or certain amount of money from him. This is equaled to criminalism because the driver knows that giving polce money is not appropriate thing. Another typical example is that when a police detects that a car’s document is expired, instead of sending the car to V.I.O they will quickly deal with the car by collecting certain amount of money from the owner.
This consideration does not say that the police should perform their work or stay on the roads or check-points again this is not to look down on police on the roads or call them sort of names but the should stop criminalism. This is an experience shared by a sufferer of criminalism: the man was going on a travel with his car and an accident occurred to him with the vehicle and God saved his life. He appropriately reported the situation to the police, when the police got to the spot, they knew that the person is an educated person; they first commented that the colour of the car is not car colour. When the man answered them intelligibly they quickly stopped that bunkum with him. They therefore diverted their speech that the man must have over sped while listening to music. The police continue all sort of bunkum until the collected want they wanted. This is pure criminalism.
Another sufferer of criminalism shared this experience that, he was travelling to a place one day and their bus tumbled through pot hole on the road where some people were swimming inside blood, when the police got there they did not care for the lives of the people but they first of all ask for the paper of the from the driver. Truly, it is their duty to ask for the paper of the bus in a way, but not at that moment when people were swimming in the flood of blood. I think they should first of all help the people to contact FRSC for assistance. The bus that they were asking for its paper has squeezed beyond repair. Let alone that anybody will smuggle it.
It is the harassment, insult, assault that grown from criminalism that developed the exposition. Therefore, police, cease not the law of orderliness. It remains a criminal act if a police stop a driver on the road and take the bus to the police station especially the offence should be treated by V.I.O or any body of the government. Driving License is for the road safety, vehicle document is for V.I.O. It is misappropriation and slaps on the face of other appropriate bodies for police to take motor that is lacking their necessary documents.
It is an act of inappropriate when everywhere is check point in this country. The most check-point I ever know in this country are the pot hole. Are these official check points? The answer must be blowing in the wind.
This insult, assault, harassment must stop.
Note: It is of two things: either police should agree with the government to be collecting their salaries on the road through that forceful collection or government should pay them? If they know that they want to be dealing with: their hand must always collect money, let the Federal Government move them from the police office and make them tax-collector. They want to generate money for this country let the government distribute POS for them so that people will be paying bribery with their ATM. If all the aforesaid are employed, we will know no peace in this country till eternity. It remains criminalism for V.I.O to collect certain amount of money from a person who his/her vehicle document expires. Instead f issue another document for him or her without negotiation because they cannot continue to cheat government. Imagine a stupid commercial biker who carries 100 Penny passenger and V.I.O collect 50 Penny because his bike’s document is expired. How much is left for him. This is applicable to all governmental bodies.
Police work is more of investigation; they may often go around in mufti if the situation warrants they, if they are not investigation while on the road they should be on their uniform to avoid razzle-dazzle and for security purpose and appropriation. Anybody can put on a vest with police written and hang gun in neck and stand on the road for personal mission. We wonder how police will on Lagos-Ibadan express way without official vehicle but with one’s private car.
We want peace, we want orderliness. If police can do their work with honesty and if and only if they do their work with Inter-governmental-departmental-Responsible Spirit, the law of orderliness will not cease working and America will emulate this country

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