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Friday, 15 June 2018

In His Heart is Ocean of Mercy and Love

Friday June 8, 2018. 9th Week in the Ordinary Time of the year 2

❤Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
📖1st Reading: Hos.11:1.3-4.8-9

Responsorial Psalm: Is.12 🎺🎻🎷🎶 🎼 (R.v.3) With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

📖2nd Reading: Eph.3:8-12,14-19

Alleluia! Alleluai!! 1Jn.4:10b

God loved us & sent his Son to be the expiation for our sins. Alleluia!

📖Gospel: Jn.19:31-37


➕Hosea expressed the tender loving care of God towards Israel right from his childhood; bringing him out of Egypt, teaching him how to walk, holding him in his arms & healing him. With cords of compassion & bonds of love he fed & raised him. He promised not to execute his anger or destroy Ephraim for he is God & not man; the Holy One of Israel.

➕While preparing for Passover & not wanting the bodies to remain on the cross  on the Sabbath, the Jews asked Pilate that the legs of those crucified be broken. They broke the legs of the 2 thieves but on coming to Jesus, they found out he was already dead. The soldiers pierced his side from where came blood & water. He who saw it bore this witness. This was in fulfilment of the scripture that non of his bones shall be broken & they looked upon him whom they have pierced.

➕Beloved of Christ, today's feast is an exposition of what our Lord Jesus is in the life of all of us. In his heart is an ocean filled with love, forgiveness & mercy. He opens up this ocean to swallow all who are dearest to his heart, & from there flow immensity of blessings & favours.

➕Hosea exemplified this loving relation in the Israel's encounter with God which started when Israel was still a toddler. He showered Israel with great tender loving care. Even when he became very stubborn & unsubmissive, God still swore never to visit his wrath on him or destroy him.

➕Even while expiring on the cross, Jesus let out the last treasure of his life; water & blood for cleansing & sanctification respectively flowed from his side. We must therefore learn from Jesus to visit all men & women with hearts full of love, compassion & forgiveness. As leaders & the led, let's us allow the milk of human kindness flow from our hearts in our daily encounters with people. We must together make our world better. For no greater love than this that a man should lay down his life for his friends (Jn.15:13).

🙏Let us pray: Merciful Father, forgive our sins & lead us to a greener pasture as sheep willing to follow you. Help us to develop hearts full of love & compassion as leaders.  Amen!

🙏We pray for all those who occupy leadership positions at all levels, may they develop the heart of the true shepherd filled with love & mercy. Amen!

😄Sacred Heart of Jesus, thy Kingdom come!

🙌Jesus meek & humble of heart!

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