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Monday, 25 June 2018

How Do you Rate God

If God should allow some human beings to be God for some minutes, they would turn God to nothing and become so proud. This is evident in the life of Sennacherib, the king of the Assyrians. God himself was the One that delivered his people, Israel, to the hand of his predecessor, Shalmaneser, to teach  them some lessons, but Sennacherib must have felt it was because of their might. So, when he became king, he spoke down arrogantly on God (see 1Kgs 19:19ff). The king of Israel, Hezekiah, on the contrary did the necessary.

 He realized that the word of Sennacherib was an assault on Yahweh. So, he cried to God and God heard him. Often, we grow proud... We must be careful. However, when we are faced with threats here and there by those who feel they are powerful, let us turn to God for help.

By so doing, we put ourselves on the path of God, that narrow way which, though difficult, leads to eternal life (see Mt 7:6,12-14).
God loves you! God bless you!
Fr John From Enduring Word

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