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Monday, 4 June 2018

Holding Brief for God

Tuesday June 5, 2018. 9th Week in the Ordinary Time, Year 2
Memorial of St Boniface, Bishop & Martyr
1st Reading: 2Pt.3:11-15.17-18
Responsorial Psalm: Ps.9(R.v.1) O Lord, you have been our refuge, from generation to generation.
Alleluia! Alleluai!! Eph.1:17.18
May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our mind, so that we can see what hope his call holds for us. Alleluia!!!
Gospel: Mk.12:13-17
Theme: *Holding brief for God!*

➕To get Jesus trapped, some Pharisees & Herodians were sent to him & they massaged his ego on his honesty of life. Finally they asked him how permissible it was to pay taxes to Caesar. Requesting from them a denarius, he asked them what name & image were on it, & they answered Caesar's. He then ordered them to give back to Caesar what belonged to him & likewise to God his own due.

➕Created in the image of God, man is enabled to share in the things that are proper to God. Authority is one of them. For this reason, Jesus demanded that Caesar's due be accorded him because he was holding brief for God!
➕Blessed people of God, where every power & authority belongs to God, there is no need asking what actually belonged to Caesar as Jesus directed his detractors. As a matter of fact, Caesar represents any holder of civil authority who holds the authority in brief for God.

➕We are simply called to be law abiding & to pay our dues for the smooth-running of the State which belongs to God. In his own capacity, St Boniface contributed his own quota by zealously working for the conversion of Germany & Holland. He gave to God his due by acknowledging his holiness & power before the pagans.

➕This is not a call by Jesus to complacently obey unjust laws if promulgated, but a call to support the well ordering & building of the State by paying our dues. Caesar himself belongs to God, but since he holds God's authority he should be obeyed when he justly promulgated laws for the running of the State. For all authority is established by God (Rm.13:1).
Let us pray: Dispenser of human authorities, help us to obey your trustees, & also give them the wisdom to perform so as to be worthy of our trust. Amen!

We pray for all those who are in authority, may they in acknowledgement of the respect & honour accorded them be at the service of the people. Amen!

St Boniface; pray for us!

Discharge your authority in His name!

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