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Monday, 4 June 2018

Give to Caesar what Belongs to Caesar

                        5th June 2018
The position of the Pharisees that the Herodians were not entitled to the throne led to a cat and rat relationship between the two groups. It is a bit surprising then thatthe same two rivalry groups were united when it came to seeking the downfall of the Lord Jesus who they perceived as a common threat. They began their trick by praising the Lord, the way many of us do when we want certain things to go the way we want (read Mk 12:13-17).

Their question was to set the Lord in conflict with the Roman government who would fight if the Lord forbade the paying of taxes to Caesar; and with the common Jews, who would feel the Lord was in support of the Roman hegemony if asked them to continue to pay the taxes. Again, the opposition parties were docked by the response of the Lord: "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar..." This statement does not go the way many of us read it as if the Lord allows us to do bad things. Instead, since Caesar belongs to God, who has the earth and its fullness, the Lord asks us to give everything to God.

May the Lord grant us the spirit to be ready for his coming and courage with which we will stand for the faith even in the face of death as St Boniface did.
God loves you! God bless you!
             ENDURING WORD

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