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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Disunity is a Scander to Christianity

2nd May, 2018
The word of God is a rich fountain whose water never runs dry. It such a great mystery that one can drink from this fountain a million times and have a million perceptions of its water. Lat Sunday, we read Jn 15:1-8, which offered us the opportunity to reflect on Jesus as the true Vine. The same text is offered us today. While we focus on the vertical relationship between the Vine and the branches, Jesus and his disciples, it is imperative too to reflect on the horizontal relationship among the different branches of the true Vine. It is a message about the unity of the disciples,. For the good of the branches, all of them must be together in the Vine. All of them must be healthy, for one infected branch can become contagious and infectious.

The unity of the Church was no doubt a primary focus of the early Christians. Unlike the spurious claim that there were many churches at the beginning of Christianity, we can see from Acts 15:1-6, that it was one Church, though now spread across the world. The church in Antioch had to take instruction from the church in Jerusalem to settle the dispute that threatened the unity of the Church. There are so many threats in our world today to our unity as children of God.

 There are even forces determine to eliminate Christianity. The earlier we learn to be united, the better for us. The earlier we do away with irrelevances that separate us, the better. The earlier we admit the historical fact that the apostolic authority has to be recognized and respected in the one Church founded by Christ, the better.

In a world filled with fake teachings, we need true knowledgeable people and pastors, who like St Athanasius, will defend the true faith against modern heresies.
God loves you! God bless you.

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