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Monday, 25 June 2018

Charcoal Depots in Oyo State: Okaka, Okeho, Gangan and Moniya

There is no doubt that Oyo state is the largest charcoal producer in the southwest Nigeria. The charcoal production has employed many people both male and female. It employed many as makers and many as supplier/producers, buyers and sellers.
In the same vein, in Oyo state and some other states many  charcoal associations have emerged to protect the interest of their members in the aspect that they belong.

 These associations have their laws and regulations that enhance their profit.  It is not  that the charcoal makers are working or cutting trees for charcoal production in the sky. They use the trees that are grown on the land. The land belongs to God; human persons attached themselves with piece of lands. The government rules over the land even from the promulgated law of Land Tenure System of 1960s that says all land belong to the government.

 In the same sense, the charcoal makers obey government land and that is why commercial tree like: Emi (Shea butter tree), igba (locus bin tree), Malina etc. are left where they are working by sparing them from mowing down.
It is true that where law ends tyranny begins referring to the lcoal associations in Oyo State, there is always cheating, misunderstanding. We are not here to discuss about inter-challenges among the associations, but the positive benefit of the associations. In Oyo State, we have charcoal associations like: Figisowo, Sogidola etc. what we are driving to is the protection of the individuals’ profits of those who are employed in charcoal job especially in Oyo State.

Therefore, we have to create official depots for charcoal in Oyo State. This is because the makers are seriously sufferering during the production/processessing. we want it in such a way that there will be four CHARCOAL DEPOTS in Oyo State to eradicate cheating and to ensure commensuration. These depots shall be located in these places: Okaka, Okeho, Gangan and Moniya.  By this, if any seller or buyer or container supplier, Lagos charcoal buyer or seller or domestic user wants to buy charcoal they will know the actual place where to go and buy it there at the fixed price. This is not the time to rationalize that: “Don’t they know where they normally buy it before". These depot shall be official market for charcoal. THE MAJOR POINT OF THIS THOUGHT IS THAT, THERE SHALL BE GENERAL PRICE FOR A BAG OF CHARCOAL AS FROM THIS MOMENT AND SCALE WILL BE USED TO MEASURE THE QUANTITY OF CHARCOAL THAT A  PERSON WANTS TO BUY THOUGH WITH COMMENSURATION.

Majorly, after thorough consideration and estimation of the stress and amount of production: A bag of charcoal shall not be sold less than #3,000 per bag in those places. This is not the price to be sold at Lagos market. Again, as from this month of JUNE 2018, A BAG OF CHARCOAL SHALL BE SOLD AT RATE OF #3,000 IN OYO STATE. Note: if any buyer especially the Lagos buyers feel that this price is cost let them turn to another product. Charcoal is a good product that is made from Oyo state, it is cherished, it employed people to make a living, it will become ridicule for someone to pass through the sufferings of charcoal production and he transports the charcoal to Lagos and at the end the Lagos buyers decide the price of the charcoal. This cannot continue like.
It is annoying when someone made charcoal in Oyo State, transports it to Lagos and the Lagos buyers determined the price to be sold or buy at an unfavourable price at the expense of the makers.
No charcoal made from Oyo State must be transported to Lagos by Oyo State Charcoal Sellers, buyers and producers. It is only Lagos buyers/dealers of Oyo State. Let each buyer decide where s/he will belong to.
Therefore, there will be two major Associations:
 (1) Oyo State Charcoal Association (OSCA)
(2) Lagos State Charcoal Association (LASCA)
This should be done with proper registration of members. We do not need to deliver our profit into the hand of Lagos dwellers at the expense of our development in Oyo State. Why should the members of charcoal makers remain in the bush forever?
If the government has interest in charcoal making let the government take over organize and make it attractive by necessary equipment. Government can employ young ones to charcoal job if there will be good salary. If government can take over charcoal job, it is good enough but can she monitor the task? This is because the experts can even testify to it that the sponsorship of charcoal job is almost the same with mining sponsorship. Instead of pursuing the charcoal makers around in the bush or collecting/ceasing their working implements by the so called AWOGBO in Yoruba language then the government in each locality can employ the experts to make it public enterprise. This will bring orderliness and employment opportunity. IT IS TRUE THAT ALL LAND BELONGS TO THE GVOERNMENT BUT SOME FAMILIES HAVE ATTACHED THEMSELVES TO CERTAIN PIECE OF LAND SINCE AGES PAST. IT IS A FACTUAL THING THAT HUMAN PERSON CANNOT TILL LAND IN THE SKY. The farmers kill trees in order to prepare land for cultivation. Most time, it is this trees that the charcoal makers use to make charcoal. THIS IS POINTING TO THE TRUTH THAT THE SO CALLED AWOGBO USUALLY TROUBLE THE CHARCOAL MAKERS, if at all, they want to perform their work better they should go to the farmers that first tilled the land instead of troubling the CHARCOAL MAKERS.
It is good enough to project the future. It is good to envisage the future incidence based on the current experience in our country. Therefore, we will say, any form of corruption or intransparency will be strongly opposed in the achievement of this proposal. Because when thing become official likely corruption of power may cripple in. this is not to expose the charcoal makers to problem. And this will not debar them from doing their work. After all, they pay for tree in the farm, they pay different due to government after production. If government should take any step, we belive, it will favour everybody/charcoal makers, sellers and buyers.
In a nut shell, the point that we are driving to is that, a bag of charcoal shall be at least #3,000 per bag from farm or depot. If the Lagos buyers (LASCA members) wishes let them sell it at the rate of #500 at Lagos. It is incommensurable and unjust for somebody to load Eedu Pounpoun (Truck) to Lagos and when he gets to Lagos he does not have any say on it, just because they are very sure that the makers cannot transport it back to their farms. Finally, charcoal depots shall now be located at: Okaka, Okeho, Gangan and Moniya.

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