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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Be Adamant in the Defense of truth


                   3rd May, 2018
It is the Feast of two of the apostles, Philip and James. According to Jn 1:43-45, Philip was formerly a disciple of the Baptist. When the Lord met him and asked him to follow him, he did not hesitate. He knew that the Lord is the Truth to be embraced and the Way to be followed. As soon as he met the Lord, he wasted no time in taking the Lord to Nathaniel or Nathaniel to the Lord. He was indeed, the bearer of the good news. As we read in Jn 14:6-14, he was the apostle who asked the Lord to show them the Father... It seems it was his nature to be inquisitive.

St James, the son of Alpheus, a cousin of the Lord, was a courageous leader of the Church in Jerusalem after the resurrection. He was firm in his defense of the faith that he preached to the end of his life.

Like the celebration of any of the apostles, their lives remind us of whom we are called to be: the bearers of good news. By any and all standards, no one is qualified for this mission but the one who calls, qualifies us if we are available. We must not keep the message of hope to ourselves. We must bring Christ to others and others to Christ. We must be "adamant" in the defense of the true faith.

God loves you! God bless you!

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