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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Jesus Teaches us to be brave

                    27th April, 2018
Among the events that characterised the post resurrection life of the Lord was his constant meeting and discussion with his disciples. The discussion had different contents.
 A central one was the missionary injunction to go and preach the gospel in the whole world. One surprising preacher of this message was once a persecutor of the message, St Paul. As we read in Acts 13:26-33, he preached the Good News of the Lord's resurrection in Antioch, re-emphasising the Lord's appearances to his disciples, the witnesses to the event.

Now, the Lord is introducing a new dimension to his discussion in preparing the disciples for his return to the Father (see Jn 14:1-6). The Lord is inviting his followers to be brave and not be worried or wearied by his return, which would be to their benefits. For he goes only to prepare a place for them so that where he is, we may be too.

To get to where he is going, we only need to follow the way, embrace the truth and thus have life.
God loves you! God bless you!
              THE ENDURING WORD

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