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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Jesus does not Need us to Survive

                         29th April, 2018

Biology lists different forms of relationship that exist among organisms. Some beneficial to the hosts, some to the parasites, some to both while some are harmful to the hosts or the parasites. It is difficult to force the relationship between Jesus and his followers as we have it in Jn 15:1ff into symbiosis, where we talk of the mutual dependence and benefit of the organisms, for as God, Christ does not need us to survive. Yet, within the context of representation, we can allude to some degree of symbiosis.

Like last week when the Lord explained our dependence on and livelihood in him, using the image of the Shepherd and the sheep, today, with the image of the vine, the Lord teaches that as his followers, our productivity and fruitfulness bank on remaining with him. The word "meno" (remain) connotes indwelling, enduring, abiding, living, staying and lasting. So, to remain in Jesus is to dwell in Jesus and he dwelling in us.

It is true that the branches of a tree are necessary for photosynthesis. Yet, without the branches remaining on the tree, they cannot carry out the function. Similarly, the tree, through its roots, reprocesses what is gotten by the leaves and resends it to the various branches, making them to bear fruits. As Christ's disciples, expected to bear the fruits listed in Gal 5:22-24, we get our nourishment from Jesus, the Bread of life and the Living spring.

The passage equally talks about the relationship between the Father and the Son, presenting the Son as a the Vine and the Father as the Vine Dresser, the One who takes care of it by pruning it. Pruning the vine brings some inconveniences which imply the sufferings that we must bear before we can bear the expected fruits.
It remains for each of us to ask how fruitful I am? What type of fruits am I producing? Am I in Christ? Is Christ in me?
God loves you! God bless you!
                THE ENDURING WORD

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