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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A Good Leader Cares so Much About What Comes After Him or Her

                      16th May, 2018

We are still on the farewell speeches. St Paul is still with the elders of the people of Ephesus (see Acts 20:28-38). A good leader cares so much about what comes after him or her when he or she is gone from a place. So, efforts are often made to put structures in place that will ensure continuity of the good work. St Paul alarms the elders of the inherent dangers that will ensue when he must have left them. Thus, he puts the elders, who had the charge of the faith community, on their toes for diligence and vigilance. St Paul was a leader with many differences. We cannot fail to reiterate the confidence with which St Paul speaks about his conduct among the people. It is a great lesson for all leaders today.

The Lord too is still on with his farewell speech. The gospel reading, Jn 17:11-19, is a complete repetition of the last Sunday's. Therefore, the message of the Lord's wish for his disciples to be protected by the Father from attacks from the world when he might have left is re-echoed. In this wise, the two readings run close to each other, in the sense that the Lord and St Paul are expressing a common wish: the well-being of those they are leaving behind. With the prayer of the Lord for us, we should continue with the mission of evangelization without any fear.
May the Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on us!
God loves you! God bless you!

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