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Friday, 13 April 2018

Ubi multitudo, ubi Victoria

While the idea of "ubi multitudo ,ubi victoria (where there is crowd, there is power or victory)" might be right, it is a known fact that certain challenges arise with increase in number of people in any gathering. Not only is it difficult to manage a big number, the insufficiency of resources complicates things. It is easy to see the issue in Acts 6:1-7 in this light.

Luckily, the situation gave rise to the ministry of deacons in the Church, who, according to St Lawrence, the Deacon, are not only to share foods but also to care for the spiritual welfare of those they take the bread to.
Another big lesson is the undivided attention the apostles wished to give to the proclamation of the word. Today, we have pastors who prefer to spend hours on frivolity to taking time to prepare their homilies.

As we sail on the boat of life, we get to be conscious of the turbulence of the sea. Yet, we should be encouraged by the presence of the Lord who is ever willing to calm the troubled sea. Let us hear him saying to us as we read in the gospel, Jn 6:16-21: "it is me. Do not be afraid."
God loves you! God bless you!

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