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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Syria French troops enter Syria from Iraq

Germany slams Syrian President Assad’s rebuilding plan as ‘perfidious’ – Report
Breaking: Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces to swap south Damascus operation for north Homs offensive – here’s why
Gaza death toll 45: Three dead and 800+ wounded today
Graphic video: ISIS blows up building full of Jaysh al-Islam fighters, beheads rebels during March offensive in south Damascus
VIDEO: Syrian Army deploys new, very destructive weapon against ISIS forces in south Damascus
Breaking reports: Russian military reaches new agreement to immediately evacuate rebels from south Damascus
Breaking: Qatari FM denounces Saudi calls to send troops to Syria
US claims 26 strikes conducted against ISIS since April 20th
Developing: Syrian Army isolates ISIS terrorists into multiple pockets in key south Damascus district amid front-shattering advance
French troops enter Syria from Iraq: report.

Turkish FM says plan in motion with US to force YPG to withdraw from Manbij
Pictures: Syrian Army breaks through ISIS lines to seize industrial area in south Damascus
French military deployed at 5 bases in northern Syria – report
Russian Navy conducts military drills (video)
Breaking: Syrian opposition declares ‘state of emergency’ in Idlib after mysterious assassinations

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