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Thursday, 22 March 2018


The APC logo is a good design which communicates ABUNDANCE, CELEBRATION, LOVE, PEACE AND UNITY.
 THE GREEN PART is communicating abundance and fertility our land. May be this is what prompted the president to have advised the people of the country to return to agriculture. The green part also represents the abundance of thing or essence of thing. Would this apply to essence of dryness in the country WHICH WE EXPERIENCE THIS TIM E AROUND? Or would we say there is essence of food in the country? But, why are we still lacking amidst abundant. The yellow colour in the green part denotes unity. But individualistic materialism is the order of the day.  It therefore means abundance into the pocket of the leaders.
THE BLUE COLOUR denotes celebrations and normalcy but the question now is: are the things normal in the country?  What can we say we are celebrating? Peace, liberation or anarchy and doom?
THE RED COLOUR is represent love that bitmaps the entities in the country. Has the red colour not representing danger and pandemonium?
THE WHITE COLOUR is automatically standing for peace. Is this peace not fragile now? Why people are now agitating for peace
THE HAND THAT IS HOLDING THE BROOM is representing the hand of a person who is paddling the canoe of the country. How would there be progress since it is only one hand that is working for the good of the whole country. The fact here is that it is not possible for one person, part, region, people, culture, religion to rule the whole country. Even an autocratic leader has subordinates.
THE BUNCH OF BROOM in the logo means unity. This is the most significant design in the composition of the logo. It means that different people, ideas, mentalities, cultures, world views are being put together to form an entity for governance per se.
All the other compositions of the logo have been receiving good interpretations but the HAND and the BROOM ARE QUESTIONABLE.
BROOM: The bunch of broom that is facing up is communicating an alarming and questionable meaning.  It is communicating that representatives that come from different parts of the country from among the commoners are not united at the up there. Individual get at the top and they disunited. Our leaders run into problem of individualism. It is also communicating that the leaders are not conscious of their responsibilities to make the country one state out of self-services.
The bunch of broom that is facing up needs to be reconsidered to face down: because it looks as the fact that the united / commoners/ruled are united while the disunited representatives are ruling. If you observe the broom that you are using at your house it tied at the edge top, the thing that tie each stick of the broom together is rope of love. Is it not money that tied the broom of the country
The one hand that is holding the broom should be reconsidered so that the great thinkers in the country will stop ruminating on the fact that the country is ruled only by one person. This is tantamount to autocracy.
The hand should be many hands holding the broom /the unity of the country.

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