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Friday, 30 March 2018


 It remains an impossibility to extract imperfection from the work of God. He created man and, he then, created a helper like him called ‘woman’. This is purposely for companionship. Love is purposely emerged for which God created man and woman for each other. Later afterward, God commands them says, ‘be fruitful and be multiplied and fill the earth’ (Gen1:28). This statement of God takes effect. Deductively, this directs our minds to the solemnisation of human marriage. The consummation of marriage grows out of love and love grows out of the conjugal relation of man and woman that accomplishes the will of God in (Gen 1:27). Child-bearing results from the expression of love and right to each individual’s body in conjugal relationship of human persons as God has made it. Biologically, reproduction process begins with sexual intercourse that is; ejaculation of man sex organ into woman’s sex organ which will actually yield pregnancy if there is fertilisation. However, invention of technologies has proved this natural process of reproduction wrong as the only way of reproduction.
These arbitrary new developments are strongly supported by the present invalidation of the definition of marriage that is acceptable everywhere in the yesteryears. That is, marriage is no more defined only as a union between man and woman again. But, it is defined as a union between human being(s) and human being(s) or a thing(s) or animal(s). In other words, marriage means human beings can get married to a human being or a thing or an animal(s). Marriage now means ‘love between a human(s) and another human(s) or an animal or a thing that one loves. Note, marriage between human being(s) and another human being(s) may be: a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The world is in tumult when human beings want to be the measure of everything, even to the extent that they want to be producing and manufacturing human beings.  Human beings want to branch from the design of Supreme Being. They want to determine the existence of humanity which is God’s handiwork. This write-up highlights the future negative implications of the ignoramus using of artificial reproductive aids and contraceptive aids which the westerners cunningly deploy into Africa that may incur one into future repercussion of intentional and unconscious sterility. In a prophetic rumination, the recent distribution of free of charge vaccine for at least 5years sterility in higher institutions of learning by the part of western world, so say to help the African women will bounce back in its all regression especially on the victims. The target of that vaccine act does not beyond race discrimination. This new method or term called reproductive ‘technologies’ exist in different processes and forms.
The term ‘reproductive technologies’ refers to all procedures that replace, impart or totally, the natural ( by sexual intercourse) process of conception. Practically, this will include: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT), Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Donor eggs, Surrogacy process, artificial insemination (AI). Other technologies such as sperm banking, ovum banking is instrumental to those procedures. Other related ones include: STEM CELL. The invention of these technologies are premised to the highest degree. The ancillary procedures may raise specific ethical and policy problem noted in effectiveness danger, confidentially, selection criteria and so on. Several things should be remarked about the use of these technologies. They progressively increase in the replacement of natural process, just as artificial insemination replaces sexual intercourse, whereas, in-vitro fertilisation does this and more. Therefore, for the sake of enlightment artificial insemination will be elaborated to pertinently substantiate the havocs of reproductive technologies.
Artificial insemination is the placement of a husband’s sperm in his wife’s uterus so as to fertilise an ovum and produce a child.Artificial insemination is the act of fertilising a matured ovum (female egg) with the sperm or semen of a male in an extra-sexual methodology (the fertilisation still takes place in the woman) this is a part of in-vitro practices. (Artificial insemination is homologous when the insemination is from the husband‘s semen (AIH) and it is heterogous when the insemination is from a donor (AID)). This method may employ gamete donation by the husband (AIH) or by a donor (AID). It may be performed with or without the mediation of physician. The major nuances of both natural and artificial means of procreation is highlighted here, and more importantly, the role of conjugal love as a means of perfect procreation and as an expression of love between marriage couple is made known and Catholic emphasises more on the conjugal expression of love as the basic unitary value in the family. One could come to the knowledge whereby both the evil and unethical aspect of artificial insemination is sorted out beyond a reasonable doubt.
Artificial Insemination and the Single Woman
Here single women conceive and bear children without the benefit of normal family environment (without husbands). Definitely, sperm will be bought by the women. It is insane for a woman to bear children without legal biological father. It is considered to estimation that, does one out of ten recipients of AID is unmarried or lesbian.
Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH)
Artificial insemination done by husband who undergo a permanent operation for sterility called  VASECTOMY for contraceptive purpose have their semen fluid stored for eventual use in the future if for some unforeseen reason may later make up their mind to have children. one should not think that it cannot happen in Africa in this paradoxical civilised secular world.
Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID)
This is practical when a husband’s sperm is inadequate it is possible for a wife to conceive by sperm donated by another man, the practice is called insemination by donor [AID]. Donor’s insemination was first performed in1884 by a Philadelphia physician without the knowledge of the infertile couple. This is not the same with adoption of a child.

An individual person does not have a right to have a child, because this act involves the cooperation of two persons. Thus, one individual does not have a right to expropriate from another in order to produce a child.
Children are gifts conceive in a moment of intimate self surrender between husband and wife. Artificial insemination gives the great account of control and calculation and separation that is required in sharp conflict with intimacy, self-surrender and gift. Thus, the essential dynamism in sexual intercourse leads husband and wife towards and experience of ecstasy which cannot be distinguished from their renunciation of control. By removing the origin of the child from two personal content of conjugal love, as AI does is to exclude the bodily aspect of human love from marriage weakens love to high degree. And to weaken love is another bonding act of the family uniting parent with children and children with their parents as well as each other is to weaken the family. And, since family is the basic unit of the society, what weakens the family also weakens the society. As Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that, the family is the first place where children first experience love of God, but can you imagine what happens in the laxity of this reality in the families in the society. So, parental love is invaluable in the education and moral spheres of children’s life.
One of Catholicism leading theologians Karl Rahner, has put the matter as follows: Now this personal love which is consummated sexually as within it and essential inner relation to the child, for the child is an embodiment of the abiding of the marriage partners is expressed in marital. Genetic manipulation (Rahner means artificial insemination).

The main ethical problem in this system of procreation is that the essence of marriage itself is ignored and the value of sex which the married man and woman owes to each other is only seen as a means of satisfying the desire to have children and not to the greater value of the bond guiding the family.
Again, on the factual note, it is love that is the unitary bond of the society and this love starts right from the family. It then follows that; a home where love is not well defined will surely influence the society with such defect. According to Pope Pius XII, “we cannot practice artificial insemination, but admitted that we can use technical means that allowed the marriage act to achieve its objective. In addition, something that is artificial does not mean it is immoral. However, in the case of marital intercourse, something becomes immoral if it is artificial in the sense that it replaces sexual intercourse with something else”.

Catholic doctrine does not embrace AID or AIH. Within Catholicity there never and still not wavering on AID. It was and still generally seen as morally wrong, and for several reasons, not all of equal weight. First, it violates the marriage covenant wherein exclusion, non-transferable, inalienable right to each other’s body and generative acts are exchanged by spouses. Second, once concede the right, even by their own husbands, to be inseminated artificially by the seed of another man; wives might easily conclude that it would be preferable to receive the seed in the natural way (sexual intercourse). Thus, adulteries would be multiplied to the detriment of marriage. Third, the human stud-farming mentality towards marriage would be fostered based on the consequences. The conjugal act in its natural structure is a personal action; a simultaneous natural self-giving which, in the word of Holy Scripture effect the union in one flesh. In a nut shell, the argument, then, of Pope Pius XII,  was that even  AIH is immoral, because the child so born is not the fruit of an act of itself the expression of personal love. It simply means that children must conceive of an act of itself a personal expression of love if marriage not converted into a biological laboratory.

One should be able to catch the glimpse thus far, the ethical aspects of artificial insemination from the dominant perspective of the meaning of marriage, parenthood, and the family. Furthermore, the majority opinion of the ethicists have been that AID, by the introduction of donor semen,  separates procreation from marriage, or the procreative sphere from the sphere of mutual love, in a way that is either violative of the marriage covenant or likely to be destructive of it and the family. In addition, parents love their children simply because the children need love: parents ought to love them because they love each other and because the children are the visible fruits and extension of that love.
However, AI fundamentally separates the marital union from the procreation of new person. There is another confirmatory argument, for example, the donor remains anonymous refusing his responsibility as the father and infringes the right of the child so conceived. It is unrealistic reality and experiential factuality that some parents perform their responsibilities like glorified anonymous parents especially in giving quality education to their children, supporting the teachers’ efforts on their wards, children moral building or catering for material need of their children. Behold, if only artificial insemination does these jeopardies think of many havocs that will result from the other reproductive methodologies. Succinctly, conscious should be conscious of itself and human persons should 100percent depart from reproductive technologies and the use of contraceptive aids with which the world run into haywire in the availability of Billing method                



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