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Thursday, 22 February 2018


Be in the Front I will Follow You to Farm or  (Probe “CORRUPTION” but quarantine “RICE”)
 If you want your neighbor to see what God’s spirit will do for him, let him see what it has done for you.  None preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing: go to the ants you sluggards consider her way and be wise. One example is worth a thousand arguments No man is so insignificant as to be sure his example can do no hurt. Nobody will know what you mean by saying that God is love unless you act it as well. Children have more need of models than of critics. Nothing is so infectious as example.
All the states of the world write their histories, 9ja as a state would not like to be left out in this regard of self-accountability. I am forced 2 employ one of my favourite aphorisms about story, history and News into this issue. This is the aphorism: “No new is good News”. It is woeful, it is a pity, it is not palatable, it is unspeakable, it is unexplainable scenes that 9ja refuses to write tenable story while News are ugly. 9ja news told abroad her ugly, awful story and moves around with indelible mark of corruption. 

To lay hand on writing political historical trajectory of 9ja, thousand to burst into tears. However, my mind questions many things as I think on 9ja plights. Therefore, I am contended with the aphorism: “No News is good News”. The bad News in 9ja drives me out of “humanitarian slumber” and my mind passionately delves into ruminations. Then, I could see millions that have been prematurely and forcefully sent into another abode through the means of fierce wagons of bomb blast. May the Lord make the place conducive for them. 

Current experiences tune my mind and consciousness to foresee the havoc of NEO-BOKO-HARAMISM when the blood of the innocent failed to get dried everywhere on the streets and when the beheaded heads are seeking for justice. Alas to the causal(s): both biotic and abiotic. Yes, the blood drinker, the danger has been set even back to the period of amalgam of Y.I.H. Boko-haramisrm is not the first evil against selfish-generation it smuggled itself into 9ja to exploit it, but it come to be technical intrude of pragmatic strategy for Colonisation. I will allow you to catch a glimpse of exploitation strategies of the predator of j9a: (1) Exploitation and colonization (2) Mental colonization of amalgamation (3) 9jans self enslavement (4) Advanced power (5) Neighbouring party of Yoruba between I and H (6) Threat and destabilization of 9jan economy (7) Boko-haramism (8) Self-termination that is, Neo-boko-haramism: STARVATION. 

The changing of strategy by the parasite is what leading 9ja to regression of the arrival of “Change”. Change has now changed things counter-clock wisely when people’s affluence turns into abject poverty that is crowned with STARVATION. Change fabricates injurious change in the life of the commoners. Change leaped into the canoe of 9ja and paddled into the mighty flowing water where change becomes wavering leave on the mire. All is for the sake of change. Change started change things without taking STOCK. If change wants positive not only effective change and to redeem that battered image and regressive notion about her, and the ugly story of this starvation: New-boko-haramism, she must jump about turn and take proper STOCK before she can forge ahead.

Behold, even the foetuses are clamouring for food in the womb, they are wailing and vomiting their minds: “why their parents have become wretched and perpetual beggars” in the country where their parents are rendering selflessly service? They are wailing, going on protest with different writings in their hands saying: Change, “Have you come to destroy us Mr. Change? Relent! But it is a pity that they are talking to no one, everyone and somebody. However, if change cannot make positive change let her forget about change. Why non-realisable change? Change, we want BETTER CHAGE! So that our land will not become desolate.
IT IS BETTER TO WAGE WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION NOT AGAINST FOOD. Wait a moment, you may ask what STOCK TAKING is? By STOCK TAKING I mean, “an assured defense on the country from every harm and attack both internally and externally, both biotic and abiotic”. But reverse is the case in 9ja. You can go around naked, you can sleep under no roof but you cannot do without food. THE INSUFFICIENCY OF FOOD IN THE COUNTRY IS AN INVITATION TO SELF-TERMINATION THROUGH STARVATION.

Make a better change now:  PROBE CORRUPTION BUT QUARANTINE RICE. Whereas, I am 100% sure that we can do without beef: COW MEAT. Thank God goat, sheep can produce milk. Imagine, Gari reigns over other food stuff in the market survey though the farmers may laugh for the through that. But, pests: “COWS” have destroyed the PLANTERS and CASSAVA in the farms. It is better to eliminate the pests so that starvation will not lead us to anarchy and doom. It is a pity that dollar determined our inhalation and exhilation. It is woeful, uncivilized, impure, illiterate, inhumane, selfish, that they divided 10,000 by 33 and they cannot arrive at accurate figure, even with the aids of mathematicians, accountants and economists in the country. Be realistic, 10,000 divided by 33 =303.0303030…and 303 divided by 36 is equaled to 8.417. It means that at least 8 new officers should be counted among the worthies from each locality. But the numbers have been shared by the gladiators equaled to corruption. That is annoying. Therefore, Mr. Change, PROBE CORRUPTION BUT QUARANTINE RICE, BEANS, OIL, FISH etc. because, if change refuse to take STOCK boko-haramism will put on another regalia, which is termed: self-termination, that is, FABRICATED STARVATION.

It is as good as anything, but, can one till in the sky? Can one farm on the water? Can one farm on the rock? If No, provide a space:
Behold the millions cries of the farmers that have no place to till again which was caused by the Problem of Land Tenure. Individuals, families and tribes and society are attached to lands. Prevailing land tenure systems in the country often discourage agricultural land utilization. Land is owned by inheritance hence land is fragmented over generations. 

It is crude enough for a person in Nigeria nowadays to be living as if s/he is in the stone ages. You will be under AC 24hrs and someone never see a ray from bulb let alone s/he will know what is happening in the world by watching CNN. What of Standard schools: farmers also have children that have right to quality education. Good and functioning health centers are good at farm settlements: Health is wealth; imagine if someone can fly to Russian from Nigeria to treat ordinary malaria, how much more for the farmers are needed to be cared for. Recreational parks for relaxation is not only for those in the offices and parliaments. Bad roads lead to a severe perish of agricultural produce. Telephone, television viewing centers are good for the farmer.

Let us ask why the Funds for agric sector is disappeared among doctors. Farmers cannot have access to enough credit facilities. The most sophisicated machines are not provided for the farmers whereas tractors and planters are used to decorate Government Houses. Farmers cannot even employ agricultural specialists whose salaries and wages are far above what the farmers can afford. Hum um.
Go to Shasha Market in Ibadan you will see how tomato perishes or imagine how yams gets decay at Elekokan Market because of poor Storage and Processing Facilities. Cantles, Rodents and diseases are attacking farms and farmers. Farmers who are fumigating their farms and farm produces: are being arrested for poisoning Muturu, Gudali and Red bororo. Lack of Good Agricultural education or Agric extension is only limited to the level of speech on radio stations. Those Babas and Mamas in the farmers are Dogmatic and adamant to the crude system of farming. Very superstitious in their beliefs. Very suspicious of any new innovation. Unscientific in mind and thinking. Not willing to accept technological changes Very uncooperative, hostile and unaccommodating. Unwilling to even learn how to use and apply fertilizers, insecticides and new farm tools. All these bring about low agricultural productivity. But do you even see the learned Agriculturist on the farm lands? 100% good in theorizing and 100% bad in practical. Unstable Policies are telling on the farmers.

 How can we explain climate and Environmental Degradation now: (Laudato Si) has called for the care of the nature. Sociological and Psychological Attitude Towards Farming:Young people feel that farming is for the dropouts or never-do-well in the society and a profession for poor people: you can never talk sense before (Awon omo a ri ise ma se Atisale jeun). Young people also prefer white collar jobs where they can dress impressively: (ko loko ilu, ole ilu, a fi ihale jeun loju ona Molete). TO BE FACTUAL: your attitudes towards farming does encourage young ones to invest on farming. Please, give rooms to the serious ones to aspire to something better in this country.

Can we limit embargo on importation of rice, but, restrict placing money in the hands of few individuals. Leaders, imagine this is your daily food time table: 1/0/1,   1/1/0, 0/0/1, 0/1/1, 1/0/0.
 There is hunger in the city and cup of sorrow full. 

BY:                                                                                  BISI-OLUWOLE

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