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Thursday, 22 February 2018


 (Connect With God )

Cut away from knowledge you will die of ignorance. God is the giver of knowledge. If God is the giver of knowledge it means you need God always in your life, and without him you are useless. In your endeavours you need the help of God. As youths we are called to an authentic faith in catholicity. I would like you to be healed of an unhealthy idea that people have concerning God. To people of little understanding or faith, ungodly thing or hell fire seems to have more potent reality than God, because it is something that we could grasp imaginatively. 'What is God?': 'God is the Supreme Spirit, Who alone exists of Himself and is infinite in all perfections.'

 (This story of a tree and its branch will lead us to understanding): There was a mango tree on the way to a farm. It happened in that an unforgettable day when there were interlocutions between mango tree and its branch. This is not the time to say that a mango tree should have more than one branch. The mango tree tells its branch that, it is indispensible and people would have not be coming to the branch to pluck fruit without it and branch says without it too mango tree cannot be popular. It was later occurred that the charcoal dealers were coming from a bush and got to that mango tree, unfortunately, the charcoal dealers saw that the branch of the mango tree will obstruct their movement they therefore brought out the sharp cutlass and they cut it down. The branch later dried up and an old woman went to the farm to pick fire wood she saw it dried, picked and taken it home and used it to kindle fire. The mango tree is still there alive but the branch is used as fire wood to cook amala.

We are really the body of Christ. Jesus does not say that we are the vine, but he says “I am the vine and you are branches: you therefore need to follow him where he leads you” Then he describes how each branch, each of us, has to remain with him and thus bear fruit. Hence, each one of us has to consider how we are joined with Jesus through faith, prayer, and keeping his word especially by being active members of CYON. If we neglect our life of faith, prayer and keeping his word and other Catholic Christian youthful responsibilities we will be cut off from him; cutting off from him is ruin, but if we remain united with him through these means, we will be pruned. ((Ref. Jn 15:2). It calls that we must pay our quota to bring out our best.

 Religion has revealed that human beings are spiritual animals. Indeed, Homo religiosus. But people are now abuse God. For example, at Holy Mass and other spiritual activities some people will be talking or creating distractions. It seems for them to have been things that we have always done. Some have made God an instrument to find wealth. In the world today, most people are tired of worship Living God and they embrace what is called liberal humanism. For them worshipping God or Jesus is an obstruction to do things as they like without realizing that humanism is itself a religion without god. But, they lack knowledge of a Yoruba adage that says: “he who serves not God serves thing of a worthless value. Besides, God is indispensable in human life. The Holy Bible says, cut away from me  you can do nothing or allow me to say, if you do not follow God you are lacking something of a great value. Some fail to believe in God because he cannot be proved or investigated in the laboratory. But we homo sapien sapien should know that God is not a cell. The atheists cannot see god under a microscope; they claim God does not exist. People develop hostility, irritation and weariness towards God. We can see an iota of this, when some people prefer to make noise or late to go for Holy Mass.

The site that I am driving us to is the fact that, as CYON we need God’s aid in all our endeavours. And so, the CYON needs the help of God in her endeavours. It is not a ews that the world is getting lose the sense God, therefore, one should be careful with the uncivilised unauthentic educated world which put God to death. In the process when a human person seeks God he or she at the same time seeks Knowledge. And God is the author of knowledge or wisdom or God is wisdom herself. Therefore, it is in seeking for God that we find knowledge and success. You are being built under the canopy of CYON so as to be called to different vocations to serve God some as Priests, lawyers, doctors, nurses and so on. And so, you are members of CYON to acquire knowledge of faith and be built in human endeavors in order to contribute to the growth of the Church of God and humanity.

Finally, these are the parts of knowledge or virtues that are proper to a person as he or she tries to realise a better future namely, a spirit of enterprise, inventiveness, initiative, courage, tolerance, altruism, fellowship and willingness to do something. These are active virtues that emerged out of love of God and knowledge. A knowledgeable person actively takes a risk in thrusting himself forward into the universe, and certain circumstances he or she is quite willing to make sacrifice for another person.           

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