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Saturday, 24 February 2018


THE JUDGEMENT OF BOKO-HARAM. (NEW BILL ON BOKO-HARAM) Most time Jonah's spirit is the spirit that will put on. What is Jonah's spirit? Jonah refused to go to Nineveh because he wants God to destroy the town. Because, he knows that if he does not go to Nineveh they will not repent and God will destroy them. The people of Nineveh are very wicked and sad wherever they see Jewish people. They were like Babylonians who plundered Israelites. The thought of Jonah was that God should destroy Nineveh and that is our thought many times that God should destroy our enemy, Boko-haramists in this country. We should not cause or pray God should destroy them but that they should repent.Repentance is to change for Good. It is to change our perspective to God,s own. We must turn away from selfishness, greediness, intolerance, dehumanization, corruption, injustice, nepotism and all other vices etc We do not need to destroy them but encourage them to be useful because they are still citizens of this country. Though, they debar the progress of the country and adulterate the still water of the country. We Christians and Muslims must go and preach to them not that we pray that they should die. Imams and pastors should lead us encourage us in the task. The president will be in the fore front to counsel them to change for good.politicians wil monitor the deal.We must be ready to be generous in our talks about them. This comes up on 29th of February, 2018. Venue: Bornu, Maiduguri, YobeAdamawa, Zamfara. Regulators and Protestants: The mothers of the newly kidnapped girls. SUCCESS.

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